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Summary / Temperature Wind Rain/Melted Snow Outlook
Night time, Dry, A few clouds
Night time, Dry, A few clouds
Currently 71.9F, Max: 83.2F, Min: 71.9F 71.9°F
Colder 2.7°F than last hour.


Feels like:  72°F

24-hr difference
-7.4°FColder 7.4°F than yesterday at this time.
  Today Yesterday
High: 83.2°F
Low: 71.9°F
 Wind from SE SE
0.0 mph
Today: 13.0 8:50am
Gust Month:   13.0 on Sep 4
Today: 0.00 in
Rate (/hr): 0.00 in
Storm Rain: 0.00 in
Yesterday: 0.00 in
September: 0.00 in
Rain Season:1 17.22 in
13 days since last rain.
Barometer Humidity/Dew Point Moon
Current: 30.150 inHg Rising 0.026 °F/hr
1-Hour Trend: Rising slowly
3-Hour Trend: Rising
High: 30.152  | Low:  29.864
Humidity: 71 % Increased 2% since last hour.
Humidex: 81.0°F
Dew Point: 62.0°F Decreased 1.8°F since last hour.
Wetbulb: 65.8°F
Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous, Moon at 21 days in cycle
UV Index/Forecast Solar Information
   0.0    None
High: 6.3 @ 12:45pm
Time to Burn: --- Mins
Sunrise is at: 06:23
Sunlight 24Hrs: 00:00 Hrs
Sunlight Month: 00:00 Hrs
Heat Index Cooling Degree Days Sun
Current: 71.9°F
Today: 88.0°F  3:14pm
Yesterday: 100.5°F
Last Week: 102.9°F
Record: 137.1°F   22-Jul-2011
Today: 8.5
September: 48.4
2015 to Date: 1031.8
Heating Degree Days
2015 to Date: 0.0
Daylight: Possible hours of Daylight 12:56
-00:02:39 Min
Lightning Strikes Irrigation Index5 Station All Time Records Fire Risk4
Last Minute: 0
Last 5 Minutes: 0
Last 30 Minutes: 0
Last 60 Minutes: 0
Last 12 Hours: 0
September: 6567
2015 to Date: 508198
21:08:10 2015/04/09
ICN:1 ISS:Ok CON:4.5 RCP:98%
Updated at Midnight
7-Days Rain: 0.000 in   
7-Days ET: 0.268 in   
7-Day Index: -0.268 in 0.268 in water in deficit of what evaporated in last 7 days.
September Index: -0.11 in 0.11 in water in deficit of what evaporated this month.
Outside Now
Air Density: 1.196 kg/m3
Cloud Height: 2290 ft
Solar Noon: 12:52
Daytime Records
    97.9°F on: Jul 06 2010   10.0°F on: Jan 07 2014
Nitetime Records
  86.4°F on: Jul 19 2013 7.0°F on: Feb 16 2015
Current Fire Weather Index
Fire Weather Index: MODERATE
8.2 of 31
1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st.    4 Updated at Noon Standard Time. 5 Estimated amount of water needed to replace the water used by plants and evaporation from the past week. (Negative numbers mean amount of water needed, positive numbers mean excess water is present.)
 NWS Weather Forecast  -   's and 's Outlook

NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Partly cloudy in the evening, becoming fair to partly cloudy after midnight. Low 70°. Wind east around 7 mph, gusting to 15 mph.
Local station forecast: Mostly clear with little temp. change.

NWS forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Mostly sunny in the morning, becoming sunny in the afternoon. High 82°. UV index up to 6. Wind east around 7 mph, gusting to 16 mph.
 NWS Short Term Weather Forecast

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