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Weekly Summary for December 12, 2017 Units:  Metric    English   Both
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  High: Low: Average:
Temperature: 11.2 °C -0.3 °C 3.6 °C
Dew Point: 8 °C -3.5 °C -0.4 °C
Humidity: 96 % 61 % 78 %
Wind Speed: 24.1 km/h - 4.3 km/h
Wind Gust: 41.8 km/h - -
Pressure: 1016.8 hPa 995.5 hPa -
Precipitation: 0 mm    
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2017 Temp (°C) Dew Point (°C) Humidity (%) Sea Level Pressure (hPa) Wind (km/h) Gust Speed (km/h) Precipitation (cm)
December high ave low high ave low high ave low high low high ave high sum
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Extremes: Currently the driest state is Nevada with an annual rainfall of only nine inches.